Cash Man win Mumbwa Xmas Darts tourney

CASH Man Darts Club yesterday won the 2016 Christmas Darts Tournament after beating Ginnery at Eden Motel in Mumbwa.
The champions edged Ginnery 8-4 in an enthralling final to walk away with K1, 300 prize money and a trophy.
Ginnery were rewarded K1, 100.
Police Darts Club overcame Cross Guns 8-6 to finish third and pocketed K900.
Fourth-placed Cross Guns got K700.
Philimon Muleya of Cash Man Club scored 180 darts, 20 better than Police Darts Club’s Victor Chimovu to walk away with K100 each.
Other teams that competed in the event are La hacienda, Kens and Eden.
Barclays Bank Mumbwa branch manager Owen Sakala commended the Mumbwa District Darts League (MDDL) for working hard to promote the sport in the area.
“This game is not just about throwing darts, it also helps people in not only keeping the body healthy but also using and sharpening the mind. This sport is great and cannot be referred to as being minor,” he said.
And tournament sponsor South Africa-based businessman Michael Mujajati is considering increasing sponsorship for next year’s event to K10,000.
Mujajati said in speech read on his behalf by his representative Mwinza Chola that he wants to play an effective role in ensuring the growth of the sport.
“I’m happy and humbled that the MDDL committee had approached me and asked me to sponsor this year’s tournament. I grew up in Mumbwa and I wanted to do something to benefit the town. I am committing myself to come on board and assist MDDL wherever necessary,” he said.
MDDL chairman Lackson Mozeka commended Mujajati for his contribution towards the development of the sport.

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