Should car bureau services be trusted?

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Hello Colleagues from CCPC,
I hope you are fine? Continue with the commendable job of consumer protection as it has helped many consumers who were treated unfairly in the past to know steps to take in rectifying issues that pertain to their rights. I am writing to air my concern. On the 14th August, 2015, I made a payment using a certain car bureau service in Kalingalinga Township for a vehicle I wanted to buy from a company in Japan. Up to date the company in Japan has not received money which was sent through this car bureau. This car bureau has kept giving several assurances that they sent the money to the company in Japan and that I will soon receive confirmation of which I have not since August. The car that was reserved for me has since been sold to another buyer as the period it was kept for me elapsed. I have really lost out as the time I was sending the money the dollar exchange rate was around K7.6 but now it is over K9.
There also seems not to be help from this car bureau as they keep on telling me that they are in constant communication with the company in Japan and yet it is not yielding any positive result. We are now in September and nothing has come up yet. Please CCPC come to my aid. – Disappointed Customer from Lusaka.
Hello Disappointed Customer,
I hope this response will find you in good health. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for finding time to lodge your complaint with us. If facts are as you have presented them, then that was a very unfortunate experience. This is a valid case which you were supposed to report to the anti-money laundering section of the Drug Enforcement to investigate further. It is sad to learn that despite your patience, the car bureau has still not handled your case with the urgency it deserves. Whenever a business transaction takes place between a trader and a customer, they ideally enter into a contract. In this case, you entered into a contract with the car bureau in question by virtue of you doing business with them, and also by signing some documents (which I hope was done), and as such, your money was supposed to be delivered to the destination within a stipulated period of time. It is unfortunate to learn that you ended up losing out on the vehicle you intended to purchase due to failed money delivery to the company in Japan. We commend you for first going back to the trader several times before bringing this issue to our attention.
Please find time to come to our offices whose physical address is indicated below so that we can look at your issue. We will appreciate if you could bring along all the documentation regarding the transaction such as contracts signed, the receipt of payment, printed communication exchange such as emails, etc, as this will help us in our investigations. We are glad that you have given us your contact numbers for easy communication going forward. Please feel free to contact us on the contacts below for any information and update. We will get back to you so that you help us with the direction of where exactly we can find this place.
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