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Capechino aims at grooming upright youths

HIS primary aim as he launches his Gospel crusade across the world is to instil the right attitudes in the minds and behaviour of his fellow youths.
Upcoming Gospel recording and performing singer Capechino has been using Gospel music believing that it is one of the many ways in which he can reach out to his flock.
Since the age of 14 when he joined the New Generation Ministry of the Bread of Life International Church, Capechino has not relented in his quest to make a difference in someone’s life.
Born Brian Mwamba 23 years ago, the young minister of the Gospel recalls that he received his calling of worshiping and praising the Lord at a very tender age.
Capechino largely inspired by his aunt and award-winning Gospel minister Karen.
Over the years, the youngster and his colleagues have been ministering to many congregations, especially through youth ministries by engaging in dance, music and drama, inspired by the Scriptures (Ecclesiastes 11:9).
His participation in these Christian related activities has resulted in his playing a pivotal role in shaping his vocal skills to the glory of the Lord.
Capechino, who completed his high school at Advanced Academy Secondary in 2010, has over the years been glued to the music of Ephraim, Abel Chungu and Rachael Nanyangwe for mentorship.
Internationally, the music of Don Moen and Michael W. Smith has simply been his food for the soul and the driving force behind his music ministry.
He says when he became born again in 2006, although his personal relationship with Jesus began in 1998, Capechino has not departed from his Saviour.
Evidently, his debut single titled Lesa Ngafweni (help me Lord), which features the group V.I.C. (Vineyard in Christ), arrived in 2011 and talks about his trust in the Lord that always sees him through the mountains.
Since the release of his maiden project, Capechino, who is the first born in a family of 11, has always led his siblings by example through the tenets of the Bible.
“I come from a God-fearing family of 11 and being the first fruit of my mother’s womb, I have always been inspired to lead by example,” he said.
Shortly before the demise of his father, Steve Mukishi Mwamba, in September 2014, Capechino embarked on composing songs that would not only be confined to the pulpit.
His revealing single, which was co-written by Karen and titled Nshamileke, finally arrived last year and talks about believers hanging on to the Lord until they receive their breakthrough.
“I believe that the Gospel we send across nations should not only be confined to the pulpit but should reach to every corner of the globe,” he emphasised.
His debut album, Time to Sine, which is due to be released before the end of the year, will include songs that connect or reconnect believers with the Lord’s power.
As leaders of today and not tomorrow, youths, according to Capechino, should find encouragement, hope and faith in his new songs.
“As youths, it is high time we took our rightful position as leaders of today and not tomorrow,” he said
Songs such as Singer’s Prayer, Time to Shine, Uyu Lesa Nasala, Ntashaneka (featuring Frizzy) and I Need Your Help will be in the album., 0979360993/0964873656.