‘Capacity building vital for contractors’

THERE is need for continuous training of contractors to ensure they improve their work and take up big challenging contracts, the National Council for Construction (NCC) has said.
NCC executive director Charles Mushota said the council is committed to see to it that local contactors start taking up big government contracts and perform to people’s expectations.
Mr Mushota said NCC has since embarked on a programme to train contractors in various skills.
The training is meant to improve skills among local contractors to help them carry out quality works, and eliminate the notion that Zambian contractors underperform.
He said in an interview recently that 800 individual contractors were trained this year.
“The contractors were trained in actual construction, operation of earth-moving machines, civil engineering, paving, surveying and other construction requirements,” Mr Mushota said.
He said NCC intends to train over 1,000 next year in the programme.
“We want our local contractors to be the ones in the forefront of getting big jobs…,” Mr Mushota said.
He said local contractors have the potential to do even better if they just develop the right attitude towards work and have access to finances.
Mr Mushota, however, said that most local contractors have improved the quality of their works and are usually considered for some of the big contracts.
He appealed to financial institutions to consider giving loans to local contractors without much restriction.
“Most foreign contractors have the financial muscle and this disadvantages local ones somehow because most clients only pay after some works have been done,” Mr Mushota said.

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