Canisius marks platinum jubilee

FR THOMAS McGiven with Kenneth Kaunda, the then Prime Minister, inspecting the first guard of honour mounted at the opening of the Canisius School Chapel on September 27, 1964. Picture right, alumni members with the current Canisians during the Careers Day last year.

CANISIUS Secondary School has consistently been ranked among the top schools in Zambia since its establishment in 1949. And 70 years on, the school is still a great epitome of education, where parents prefer their boys to go.
Canisius Secondary School is named after St Peter Canisius S.J. (1521-1597), who preached and taught in parishes, reformed and founded universities, wrote many books including popular catechisms, restored lapsed Catholics, and cared for the sick.
True to the ideals of St Peter Canisius, one very active alumnus Windu Matoka, who left Canisius in 1984, affirms that “one went to Canisius Secondary School as a little boy and five years later left as a young mature adult full of energy, [with] a clear purpose in life and with a very high sense of responsibility”.
He says that Canisius is a school anchored on a very strict Catholic doctrine that emphasises discipline, hard work, and causes every pupil to aspire for excellence and success in all spheres of life.
“Canisius is the school that parents should aspire to take their children for that Jesuit education,” Mr Matoka says.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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