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How you can create a bright future

Are you stuck to your past? Are your past failures or successes preventing you from attaining new successes?
Each and every person has their past. This past may be composed of  successes or crest points and failures or troughs. To move forward in life, one has to be careful how to deal with both success and failure or risks stagnating in pursuits.
For successes, celebrate them! Draw points on what made you to be successful. These can help you to create new successes.
For failure, learn from it, and move on! Remember that you can still make it, despite the failures or mistakes you made earlier on in your life.
Therefore, now is not the time to pity yourself. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant in you. You have to know that your past is just what it is PAST, and that does not determine your future, and that what you do now that does so.
Or have  we not all heard of former millionaire businessmen who now languish in abject poverty? On the contrary, have we not also heard about  people who used to struggle to make ends meet who now are confirmed tycoons?
It all comes down to how you deal with your past.
It is therefore imperative for one not to be stuck in the past for the reasons below:
When you’re not stuck in your past, you can have a reason to have hope again. As we all know, without hope, not much can be done.
Also, you start seeing possibilities, where you thought it was impossible for things to be done or happen.
This will lead to a belief that you can do it.
As they say, “Nothing is impossible to them that believe.”
Armed with your new hope and vigour, you can move forward, as your hope will act as  fuel to help you in your endeavors.
With that, you can achieve new successes whether you were successful earlier on or not.
This will enable you to create a bright future for yourself and other people around you.
Another important point is that you can find happiness in your life. Our past mistakes and failures if dwelt on, can cause untold damage to our enthusiasm and happiness that we desperately seek in our day to day lives.
Interestingly, by refusing to be stuck in your past, you will become a source of hope to other people who may be, ‘prisoners of their past.’
But if you want to dwell on your past:
You cannot see any ray of hope. Hopelessness will overtake you when you can be a hopeful and positive man or woman.
Being stuck in your past leads to self doubt, which is an enemy of your success. Self doubt leads to self pity and eventually to other disorders.
Simply put, it becomes increasingly difficult or virtually impossible for one to move forward, let alone succeed in  life.
It is therefore very crucial not to be stuck in your past, because as the notable motivational speaker and life coach, Robin Sharma observed, “Staying in your past is stealing from your future.”
The author is a motivational speaker, writer, life coach and entrepreneur.