Cadre jailed for defaming President

THE Kabwe Magistrate’s Court has jailed Collister Progress Shimunzhila, a member of the United Party for National Development

(UPND), for four months for defaming President Lungu.
Resident magistrate Sibaleya Chikuba sentenced Shimunzhila on Wednesday when the matter came before him for judgment.
On October 4, 2016, in Kabwe with intent to bring the name of the President into hatred, ridicule or contempt, Shimunzhila did publish defamatory remarks, but denied committing the offence when he appeared for plea.
“I conclude finally that the prosecution has proved its case beyond all doubt and I find the accused guilty of the offence of defamation of the President contrary to Section 69 of Penal Code, chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia, and I convict him accordingly,” Mr Chikuba said.
During trial, Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga, who was the key witness, testified that on October 4, 2016 around 11:13 hours, he received a message defaming the President from Shimunzhila via his mobile phone WhatsApp messaging application.

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