Letter to the Editor

Cabinet should be on basis of performance

Dear editor,
I AM glad to hear that President Lungu has gone to Mfuwe to reflect and plan on how he is going to rule this nation. Given the important task ahead of him, he truly needs time away, to deeply ponder on the way forward.
As he considers who to put in Cabinet, I would urge him to be as bold as a lion to ensure that only those who are capable of delivering are appointed. It should not be automatic for those who were in cabinet to be retained but should be assessed on how they performed, firstly as members of Parliament and secondly as cabinet ministers.
This is because campaigns do not only start when Parliament is dissolved but it is an ongoing activity throughout the tenure. Actually, the powerful campaign is to ensure that the party delivers and this can only be done with a formidable team in place. While the last Cabinet had a number of hard-working people that helped the state to deliver, there are some who literary rode on President Lungu’s back to win their seats.
We can only wish the President-elect Lungu well as he makes the difficult decisions in a bid to grow the economy.

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