Letter to the Editor

BuyZed campaign can make our country great

Dear editor,
THE call for home-grown solutions to our national issues is for all stakeholders and the successful implementation and seeing tangible results is largely dependent and inter-twinned with stakeholder embracing and participation.
As BuyZed, we believe that only you and I can only make ours great, and more importantly, we need and must use what is within our means to improve our lifestyles individually and collectively.
We have resources, some God-given like good arable land, favourable climatic conditions for agriculture, a hardworking and proud citizenry that prides itself in what is ours, infrastructure that is already existing and potentially more to be built.
How can we use all these to enhance our socio-economic growth, to create the much-needed and secure jobs to earn the much-needed foreign currency, through exports, to provide support structures and win-win situations for all.
This is at the heart and core of buying Zed and makes the need for creating partnerships and synergies among all stakeholders in sector specific value chains cardinal.
As BuyZed campaign, we work with all stakeholders along value chains. One of the leading giants in fast moving consumer goods sector, which has local national footprint and presence with over 36 branches countrywide and regional experience, is one of our proud BuyZed champions.
Their cause is provision of shelf space for local goods, support small-scale farmers and giving maximum return on their investments and labour, provide market and create jobs.
As consumers, when we walk into the leading giant store, let’s prefer local goods; that way we are supporting our local value chains and contributing to job creation.
Manufacturers and farmers, let’s produce good quality products that can compete for shelf space in terms of pricing, and continuous and consistent supply. This is what will sustain us collectively, this we must do.
You will be seeing more of BuyZed ambassadors in some chain stores, all meant to reinforce the message that let’s intentionally prefer local goods.
Yes, there could be challenges, but get it from us, our cause is let’s strive as stakeholders to work together.
It only takes iwe na ine (you and me) to make ours but great.

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