Buy assets now, businesses advised

THE business community has been advised to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to buy and invest in different assets cheaply.
Currently, most businesses are closing down due to the impact of the crisis and slowdown in economic activities.
Locally-based economist Chibamba Kanyama said during a crisis, most people tend to sell their assets cheaply due to
uncertainty regarding the future.
“Majority of Zambians tend to invest when things are looking up, which means that their awareness of risks is limited because everything seems good and in turn ignore the dangers to their business.
“When things are up there is a lot of competition, people are putting money and you cannot push your products property.
However, when things are down, like it is now – a recession… the first that happens is people selling land, houses and others businesses cheaply because they see a bleak future. This is how entrepreneurs survive,” Mr Kanyama said in an interview on Wednesday. CLICK TO READ MORE

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