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Buumbalambo Foundation aids 564 children with school requirements


BUUMBALAMBO Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, is supporting 564 children, of whom 429 are girls, with school requirements and mentorship programmes.

The organisation founder, Buumba Malambo, said in an interview that the children are being supported under the Mwana Apunzile project which is targeting school-going children.

Ms Malambo who is area councillor for Magoba ward in Kafue district, said parents should ensure that they provide equal access to education for both boys and girls.
“I started this project when I realised that parents were paying too much attention to educating boys as opposed to girl children. Girls were being considered for marriage instead of school,” Ms Malambo said.
She said the project, which started in 2013, has impacted positively on the children and has improved school attendance among girls.
Ms Malambo is also encouraging women to go back to school so as to upgrade themselves.
She said under the Bulambo night school, a number of women have started night school.
She said education is fundamental for the development of the nation and women should not be left out.
Ms Malambo said the foundation is next month also expected to start the construction of a maternity wing at Chanyanya clinic in the area.
She said women are finding it difficult to deliver at the hospital because of inadequate maternity room.
She said the clinic has only improvised a room where women are delivering from and the situation is forcing some women to deliver at home instead of going to a medical facility.


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