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Businessman in 4 years for wife battery

CHAMBO NG’UNI, Kapiri Mposhi
AFTER admitting in court to having beaten his wife leaving her with serious body pains, a businessman of Kapiri Mposhi will now spend four years in jail.
A search at Kapiri Mposhi Magistrates’ Court established that Howard Mulenga assaulted Prisca Chandika on July 21 this year around 19:30 hours after finding her washing clothes for their baby at night.
Mulenga appeared before Kapiri Mposhi resident magistrate Obrian Katyamba on July 26 and was told that his actions amounted to gender- based violence.
The 39-year-old convict was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.
On his first appearance in court, Mulenga admitted beating his wife and he regretted his actions

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