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Businessman convicted of defilement

A CHINGOLA businessman who defiled a girl aged 15 has been convicted and committed to the Kitwe High Court for sentencing.
Magistrate Joseph Malabo convicted and committed Leonard Mulenga, 39, popularly known as ‘Bonta’ of 6140 Mupani Street, Kabundi North in Chingola after he found him guilty of defilement.
Particulars of the offence are that on February 18 this year in Chingola, Mulenga had unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16 in a car at Chingola Arts Society (CAS).
During trial, the court heard that the victim and her friend asked for a lift from the accused, but when they reached their destination, Mulenga refused them to disembark and promised that he would take them to their home.
The court heard that the accused then sent the victim’s friend to buy beer and later drove away to CAS where he had unlawful carnal knowledge of her.
The victim told the court that she jumped from Mulenga’s moving car after he threatened to kill her and her mother if she reported the incident.
He also threatened that he would dump the victim and her mother in a place where they would not be discovered.
In his defence, Mulenga said the girl lied that he had defiled her because she didn’t want to be arrested for theft.
He said the complainant, in the company of another girl, asked for a lift but when he dropped them, he discovered that his four mobile phones were missing from the car.
In his ruling, Mr Malabo convicted and committed Mulenga to the High Court.
“I find you guilty and convict you accordingly. You met with the victim and you know her. The identity of the accused is not in question. You threatened to kill her if she reported, that is why she jumped off from a moving vehicle in fear.
“It is not in dispute that on the date in question, you drove the Mazda that was used to defile the girl. And you bought them alcohol because you know it has a negative effect so you wanted them to get drunk for you to get through with your intentions,” he said.
Mr Malabo further said that the accused did not challenge the evidence by the prosecution witnesses.
“When you do not challenge the evidence, it is with no doubt that you committed the offence. The evidence of the prosecution witnesses corroborated. All this is enough evidence and it also corroborated with the medical report,” he said.