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Business growth causes wife to change behaviour

REGRET has overcome a Lusaka husband who has attributed his decision to help his wife start a business to the breakdown of their once happy marriage.
Married in 2009, Brighton Simbao, 35, of John Laing Township said in the Chawama Local Court that his wife Kalekwa Kasitu, 26, has changed since her business flourished.
Simbao told senior court magistrates Juliet Mwila and Kalunga Chansa that Kasitu with whom he has one child allegedly has a boyfriend at her place of business.
“Problems started when she started her business at Inter-city bus terminus. I began noticing her attitude towards me changed. She started coming home late. She also stopped cooking my food as well as preparing my bath water,” he said.
Her attitude led Simbao to start suspecting that she was having an affair because according to him, she also started dressing inappropriately.
“She started wearing miniskirts and makeup something she never used to do. I also caught her entertaining men. One day, my friend tipped me that he saw her entering a certain man’s house. I rushed there but when they saw me her lover escaped using an open window,” he said.
Simbao begged the court to grant divorce because he cannot stand being married to his unfaithful wife.
Kasitu, however, said Simbao used to mistreat each time he got paid.
“My husband is a jealous man who is in the habit of monitoring my movements. Last year, he was out of employment and I used to pay rentals and buy food. I am surprised he wants us to separate now. When we were getting married, he refused to pay my bride price because he said my family members are gold diggers,” she said.
The court dismissed the claim because no bride price was paid to formalise the marriage.

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