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Business booms during Kuomboka

TRADERS from Lusaka and Mongu yesterday took advantage of the Kuomboka ceremony to cash in from both local and international tourists who witnessed the premier traditional event.
The traders displayed their merchandise as early as 06:00 hours outside the Limulunga palace as they awaited the arrival of Litunga Lubosi Imwiko from Lealui to Limulunga.
And most of the traders talked to said it was a worthwhile opportunity to be in Limulunga as business was excellent.
Ms Ireen Moyo from Mongu said she decided to move to Limulunga because she wanted to celebrate with the Lozi people the happy occasion.
Ms Moyo, who was selling Chitenge materials, said she had sold 11 by 12:00 hours.
“This is a happy day for our friends the Lozi people and I came here to promote my business as a way of celebrating with them,” she said.
A Lusaka-based trader, Sara Kazhila, who was selling Kuomboka- branded T-shirts, said she equally had a good sale.
Mrs Kazhila said the ceremony has given her an insight into who the lozi people are.
“I like the Nalikwanda and that is why I printed T-shirts to come and sell here and so far so good,” she said.
And a number of both local and international tourists visited the Nayuma museum in Limulunga to learn about the past kings and the Lozi tradition.
A check found both local and international tourists at the museum, some of them buying souvenirs.