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Bulah: Teaching my passion


Young & Ambitious:
“I WANT to become a teacher so that I can make a positive contribution by passing on the knowledge I have acquired from school. As a Muslim, the Quran compels me to help the needy in society by opening up an orphanage,” said Zakariya Bulah.
While others are having divided thoughts about which career path to take, Zakariya, a grade seven pupil at Lusaka Islamic Cultural and Education Foundation (LICEF) school has decided to take up teaching once he completes his secondary education.
Zakariya says he will consider offering service to the orphans in order to change people’s perception about Islam.
“I choose to be a teacher to benefit other people around me with specific reference to the less privileged and the orphaned. I want to uplift the burden from parents that do not have the means to take their children to school,” he said.
For Zakariya, sharing is caring and that God blesses someone so that people around them can benefit.
The second in a family of six, Zakariya urges other people to believe in God and be positive about themselves.
He believes teachers have to inculcate change and make other people’s lives better.
“Every time I walk around the streets of Lusaka and see orphans and the less privileged, I am reminded that I have a duty and that is to uplift their plight and address their difficulties,” said Zakariya.
His favourite subjects at school are mathematics, science and creative and technology studies.
He advises other pupils to believe in God as Supreme and also the giver.
“God is the creator and also the giver of knowledge, people must therefore believe in him whether in Good or bad situations,” he said.

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