Building cities of integrity

FORMER Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale (seated centre) with participants and organisers of the Urban Integrity workshop at Protea Hotel in Lusaka recently. PICTURE: BOYD PHIRI

A WOMAN manoeuvers around the creaking remains of a roof to salvage some iron sheets after the demolition of her newly-built house.
What she once called her home now lies in ruins at the hands of authorities, who are against her illegal occupation of the land.
She pulls one damaged roofing sheet but not certain where to use it next as it dawns on her that she is now a victim of fraud.
Two people are shot dead after the Zambia National Service carries an order to demolish houses for illegal settlers built on land belonging to the defence force in Kamphasa compound in Lusaka.
Somewhere else, a ward councillor demarcates plots on a land meant for a school playground, while another one constructs his house on land reserved for a road.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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