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‘Build houses to foster Nsama development’

LACK of accommodation in the newly-created Nsama district in Northern Province has forced most civil servants deployed to the area to seek accommodation in Mporokoso.
Nsama was part of Kaputa district before it was designated as a district by late President Sata.
Nsama district commissioner Panji Chilingata said the housing deficit is delaying production due to the long hours it takes to travel between the two districts.
The distance between Nsama and Mporokoso districts is about 65 kilometres and the road is in a deplorable state.
Mr Chilingata said in an interview that there is need for Government to speed up the construction of houses and other infrastructure in the new district to foster development.
“Accommodation is really a challenge here and it has had a negative impact on the development of this area due to the many hours lost in travelling time.
“Office space is another challenge and it is our hope that relevant authorities will look into the matter,” Mr Chilingata said.
The district commissioner further bemoaned the poor state of most roads in the area.
He observed that since independence, most roads in the area have never been upgraded to bituminous standard.
Mr Chilingata said the bad state of roads is frustrating, adding that people have lost hope of ever experiencing a tarred road.
“People here have really suffered and I should indicate that since independence, we felt neglected because previous administrations never listened to our cry on the poor state of roads,” Mr Chilingata said.
He, however, expressed happiness that Government, through the Road Development Agency (RDA), has embarked on a programme to upgrade some roads in the area such as Mporokoso- Nsama- Kaputa under the Link Zambia 8,000 road projects.
“I have been comforting people here that through the Link Zambia 8,000     projects, Government has good intentions as a number of roads will be upgraded to bituminous standard,” Mr Chilingata said.