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Build health post, state urged

A HEADMAN for Moole village in Chief Sikwa’s area. in Mongu, has implored Government to construct a health post in the area.
Mushiba Imonda said in an interview that it is very difficult for people in his area to access medical attention because of distance to the nearest health post. The situation is worse for expectant mothers who are expected to give birth at health centres.
“Women in this area would rather be attended to by community birth attendants than walk more than an hour to Ikabako Health Centre which is near our area. This is risking the lives of our women and the unborn babies, so my appeal is for Government to consider constructing a health post here,” Mr Imonda said.
The headman, who has a medical problem with his legs, also bemoaned the lack of transport from his area to the hospital. He said as Government constructs a health post, they should consider donating an ambulance as well to allow for easy transportation of patients.

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