Budding Writer reflects most societies

Book Review:
Title: The Budding Writer; an Anthology of Twenty Stories
Authors: Collection of Writers
Publishers: Zambia Women Writers Association
Pages: 271
Price: 150
THE Budding Writer, an Anthology of Twenty Stories is a literary project by the Zambia Women Writers Association (ZAWWA), in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy in Zambia to inspire a harvest and discovery of new talent in the genre of creative writing.
This desire culminated in a need to institute a nationwide literary competition in short story writing.
The anthology, neatly though seemingly unconscious, brings together a host of thematic subjects of exploration such as hypocrisy in religious life, myths and culture, war and displacement, entrepreneurship, love and marriage, drunkenness, youth and education, sexual abuse, growing up and discovering self; and a lot more other.
Healthily so, even the contributing writers create a mix of talent, seasoned and experienced ones blended with a shade of newcomers and complete rookies.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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