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‘Buchi Boys’ boost squad

DIVISION One outfit Kitwe United has signed 10 players to bolster the squad ahead of the 2016 campaign.
Club chairman Gabriel Akayombokwa said in an interview on Saturday that the executive had a daunting task of looking for new players following a mass exodus last month.
“Three quarters of the players left the club after the council dissolved the old executive and we had a daunting task to look for new players. But now we have gotten over 10 new players…I believe we are on course to rebuild our team,” Akayombokwa said.
He said the club will soon engage a head coach and first assistant trainer to help second assistant Chisala Mwandama.
Mwandama, a former United striker, is interim coach.
Akayombokwa said the sponsors Kitwe City Council expect the team to win promotion to the Super Division at the end of the season.
“Last year, we spent above other councils but we came out last in terms of performance. So this year, the sponsors expect a lot from the team. They expect the team to play top flight football next year,” he said.
The council management dissolved the Kitwe United executive committee last December following the team’s dismal performance last season.

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