BRRA to start operations soon

THE Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) is expected to start operations before the end of this year, agency chief executive officer Christopher Mapani has said.
The BRRA is a continuation of the private sector development reform (PSDR) programme whose objective is to position the private sector as an engine of economic development and reduce further the number of trading licences.
Mr Mapani said the agency is currently being operationalised and it is hoped that before the end of the year, it will start reviewing regulators’ proposals.
“We are an instrument under business reforms and we want to emphasise that BRRA is not there to undermine regulators, but to regulate and to protect the interest of the private sector and the country,” he told a business forum last week which was held on the sidelines of the Zambia International Trade Fair.
Meanwhile, the agency has drafted a statutory instrument (SI) on the devlopment of standards for regulators on how to conduct regulatory impact assessment.
“We have circulated the draft SI to regulators. Last week, we had a workshop to sensitise them, we are also receiving the comments on the study because that is what will contain the details on how to conduct regulatory impact assessment,” he said.
Regulatory impact assessment is a concept or a tool which has potential to revolutionalise the way decisions are made and gives a frame on how to approach challenges.
Mr Mapani also said the agency will also foster the single licensing system, adding that while substantial work has been done to reduce licences, there is still a lot to be done.
The BRRA is mandated to identify sectors and bring stakeholders together in a particular sector and find a way of reducing the licences where they can have a single licence.
BRRA exists to empower and coordinate the functions of regulators as it was found that regulators were not talking to each other and worked in isolation.
Government has established the BRRA through the Business Regulatory Act No. 3 2014.
The BRRA was set up as a means by which Government ensures that regulatory powers of regulatory agencies and other public bodies are kept in check.
As a new institution, the agency, with financial support from the PSDR programme, seeks to develop modern computerised systems covering accounting, payroll management, inventory management, human resources management, procurement management and development of a website.

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