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No brotherly love: siblings rival over solar panel

INSTEAD of being each other’s keepers, two brothers of Lisongwe Village in Mpanshya were before Rufunsa local court over a solar panel.
Alex Njovu, 42, dragged his older brother Boniface Njovu, 64, to court in a case in which he sued him for confiscating his solar panel as payment to a witch-finder.
Alex told presiding court magistrate Philip Phiri that problems with Boniface started when his wife (Boniface’s wife) fell sick.
“He informed me that he had been to a witch-finder. The witch-finder summoned me but I refused and asked my brother to tell him to follow me. But when Boniface came back, he told me that the witch-finder told him I was the one responsible for my sister-in-law’s illness,” he said.
He said Boniface then commanded him to release money to give to the witch-finder so that he could find charms to heal her.
“I am not a wizard and I told him that. But he insisted and because I had no money, I gave up my solar panel and they took it. I want it back,” he said.
He said his sister-in-law is possessed with evil spirits and sometimes suffers from backaches; an illness he said was not his fault.
But Boniface insisted that Alex was a wizard. He said the reason he decided to seek help from the witch-finder was that he wanted to know the cause for his wife’s mysterious illness.
“I went to three witch-finders and they all told me I am related to the person responsible for my wife’s illness. The fourth witch finder gave me charms and told me the first person who would visit me was responsible. That person was Alex,” he said.
He wondered why Alex had brought him to court when he had confessed to having bewitched his wife.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and ordered Boniface to return the solar panel to Alex through the court.


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