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Broke Nataaz fails to hold festival

NATIONAL Theatre Association of Zambia (NATAAZ) chairman Boyd Chibale says the past year has been turbulent for the association which saw it cancelling the national theatre festival on more than one occasion due to inadequate funds.
He says the failure to hold the national theatre festival was undoubtedly one of the major setbacks and frustrations that the association experienced. However, he says this year has started with a fresh and all-inclusive calendar of activities.
“Lessons learnt from 2015, among others, were those of inconsistent hosting of planned activities due to numerous challenges,” the chairman says.
“… The income of the association has been low. Most activities have been supported from pockets of individuals. Measures however, are being taken to ensure stable inflow of cash to support activities.”
NATAAZ is this year holding its elections at the Triennial Convention and Boyd hopes that this will help in bringing in a fresh breath of air with new ideas and new office bearers.
“This [Triennial Convention] is the highest decision making body of the association. It meets once in three years. This year’s conference is elective. Members are encouraged to vie for any position. Only paid up members will be eligible to contest any position,” he says.
“The conference will also discuss and adopt the amended constitution. This will be one of the most important decisions to be deliberated upon during the meeting.”
Club members of NATAAZ are Chingola Arts Society (CAS), Mufulira Arts Council (MAC), Lusaka Theatre Club, Africa Directions, Nkana Kitwe Arts Society (NKAS), Matero Theatre, Bantu Theatre Empire, Gracious Mwiya Memorial Theatre and Tapezha Theatre.
Others are National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) Theatre, Zambia National Service (ZANASE) Theatre Club, Nkwazi Theatre Club, Kasama Arts Theatre (KAT), Mwansabombwe Arts, Yezi Arts Promotions and Productions and Lusaka Media and Theatre Arts.
Individual membership, which is currently under audit, is said to potentially stand at 420, a figure premised on the fact that club membership also requires that individuals are fully paid up members of NATAAZ.

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