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Bright colours best for summer

SUMMER is a time for bright colours. Store away your dull colours, its summer time!
Discover your best colours and look trendy this summer. Choose and wear colours that harmonise well with your skin, hair and eye colour. Wrong colours can make you look older than your age, tired and heavy, while the right colours make you look healthier, younger and much brighter.

The colours you choose also affect your mood and emotions, body shape, and the overall impression that you make on others.
During summer time it is always great to wear bright colors to complement your skin tone. Stick to colors like white, bright yellow, orange, green, sky blue, purple, lavender, and hot pink. Black absorbs sunlight justify all tends to make people look pale so stay away from that.
Floral colours also stand out nice on a hot summer day.
So, look hot this season in these chic, eye-catching coloured shades of summer. Just don’t wear them all at once to avoid looking like rainbow bright.
Try wearing bright colours this weekend and enjoy the summer.
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