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Bridging housing gap in Zambia

IT IS regarded as a human right as much as a basic need, yet decent shelter has remained elusive to many Zambians.
The need for permanent housing among the working class in Zambia has become even more pronounced as evidenced by the scramble for residential plots (land) especially in urban areas.
According to the World Population Review, Zambia’s housing deficit is estimated at over two million.
This entails the need to construct houses in excess of two million or more in order to cushion the shortage.
Zambia can be said to be on a path to successfully bridging this gap as there is now an aggressive push for housing development by individuals, private companies and public institutions across the country.
As a pragmatic way of working to mitigate the country’s housing deficit, the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) is planning to construct hundreds of low cost houses in CLICK TO READ MORE