Letter to the Editor

Brian Chilala mentored many musicians

Dear editor,
THE legendary musician, Brian Chilala who died in a fatal road traffic accident in Lusaka last Sunday around 23:40 hours mentored many musicians.
The dread-locked musician played Kalindula music throughout his music career until his demise.
His music is not sarcastic let alone political.
He sung educative songs on various aspects of life.
In other words, he was a social commentator.
Madalitso Phiri popularly known as Dalisoul Mwana Wamukomboni in music circles and James Ngoma aka James Chimanyazi among other musicians were mentored by the late Brian Chilala.
The late music legend used to perform alongside Dalisoul at Cheers Pub near Chris Corner in Chilenje every Wednesday.
Chilala’s music is loved by many people across the country and beyond borders.
Dalisoul said these words to this author about Mr Chilala’s death, “I used to perform with Mr Brian Chilala at Cheers Pub in Chilenje. Mr Chilala was my father and mentor where music is concerned. I will miss him. May his soul rest in peace.”
The music legend is gone but one thing for a fact is that his music legacy will certainly outlive him. Messages of condolences have continued pouring in on social media, electronic media and other media platforms.
This is enough evidence that Mr Chilala’s great works have been appreciated by people over the years.
To Brian Chilala, I say go well. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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