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‘Breeding centres vital for growth’

THE Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) says the establishment of breeding centres by Government across the country will improve animal breeds and contribute to the development of the livestock sector.
ZNFU president Evelyn Nguleka said to accelerate the diversification of the agriculture sector, more prominence has to be given to the livestock sector.
Dr Nguleka said in a statement recently that ZNFU is hopeful the investment in the sub-sector by the public and private sectors will support development of livestock farming in the country.
“Access to breeding stock has been a challenge faced by the livestock sector and we applaud Government for its commitment to establish breeding centres in some areas of the country.
“It is our hope that the investments by both Government and private sector in livestock breeding will result in exponential growth of the livestock sub-sector,” she said.
Dr Nguleka said it is ZNFU’s desire to witness every livestock farmer, regardless of scale of production, adhere to routine vaccinations and adopt animal husbandry practices that would ensure a constant market supply of health meat products.
She said the ZNFU is optimistic that Government will adopt policies such as zero-rating value added tax on all livestock feed ingredients so as to lower the cost of production.
Dr Nguleka said reducing the costs of production at primary level is a more sustainable approach to ease consumer price of commodities.

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