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Breastfeeding corners will ease working women stress

GOVERNMENT needs to establish breastfeeding corners to enable female employees attend to their babies as well as their work, says the National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia (NUPPEZ).

NUPPEZ public relations manager Ngoza Sakala, who made the appeal, said the development will help women have undivided attention towards their work and their babies.
On female teachers, Ms Sakala said the establishment of breastfeeding corners in schools would enable teachers concentrate on their pupils as well as attend to their babies.
She said in an interview in Lusaka recently that the establishment of breastfeeding corners will allow teachers to have an undivided attention.
“Most teachers, especially those with infants, fail to deliver quality education to pupils because they are usually pre-occupied with how their babies are being looked after,’’ she said.
Ms Sakala said the divided minds by teachers have contributed to poor quality of education being delivered to pupils.
She said establishing breastfeeding corners in learning institutions will allow teachers pay attention as they are teaching because they know that they will be able to also attend to their babies.
Ms Sakala said breastfeeding teachers will be able to check on their children from time to time, to ensure that the nanny is taking good care of their children.
She said both mothers and babies will be able to bond and have a healthy life.
Ms Sakala said when in constant contact with their mothers, babies grow up healthy, intelligent and productive.


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