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Breaking Through with dance

Title: Breaking Through
Genre: Drama
Director: John Swetnam
Runtime: 1hr 41 min.
FROM the producers of Step Up comes Breaking Through, a movie about dance and the drama that sometimes surrounds the art.
When Casey, a dancer, is discovered on YouTube, her whole life turns around. But the trouble is that she still wants her old life.
She’s thrust into the modern world of internet celebrity and culture but must find a way to balance her true identity with her online persona, or risk losing everything she cares about.
With recording artiste John Legend as the executive producer, this rousing music drama is one not to miss.
Also, prepare to be enthralled as this week also unveils The Walk, in which walking at dangerous heights is a breeze for dare-devil Philippe Petit.
He stands atop the Statue of Liberty telling the audience that he does not fear death and that is why he walks the wire.
This inspires him to follow his dream to hang a wire between the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center and walk across it.
The movie takes us back to Paris, France in 1973 where he used to be a street performer playing to dazzled crowds, but Philippe was always running from the police for performing without a permit. While collecting money from the viewers, he tosses a jawbreaker that a girl gave him, which he catches in his mouth and accidentally bites into, naturally causing him pain.
Philippe goes to the dentist and finds a magazine advertising the unfinished Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. He is instantly amazed and swipes the page out the magazine.
With this, his dream is born.
Philippe gathers accomplices and appears to be losing his mind as he goes about his misadventures.
Robert Zemeckis, the director of such marvels as Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Back to the Future, Polar Express and Flight, again uses cutting edge technology in the service of an emotional, character-driven story.
With innovative techniques The Walk is true big-screen cinema, and gives movie lovers a chance to experience the feeling of reaching the clouds.
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