Brazil’s second diplomatic coming

BRAZIL established its diplomatic relations with Zambia in 1970, six years after this country’s independence. It opened its embassy in 1982 but closed it in 1996 before re-opening it in 2007.
Since reopening the embassy, Colbert Soares Pinto Junior is the third Brazilian Ambassador to Zambia having come here in August 2017.
We feature him in today’s column.
Q: Give us the background of Brazil’s diplomatic relations with Zambia
A: We operated [an embassy here] from 1982 to 1996, but due to economic hardships in Brazil, we had to close several diplomatic missions abroad and unfortunately we also closed the one in Lusaka.
However, it was not for long because in 2006, Brazil signed an agreement with Zambia to reopen an embassy here and allowed Zambia to open one in Brazil and for the first time, Zambia opened an embassy in Latin America. So In 2007, Brazil reopened the Embassy here for the second time. In 2007, we rented a house in Kabulonga, and around in 2012, we changed and moved to here .
Q: How has the relationship between the two countries evolved over the years? http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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