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Brazilian firm to invest in Zambia

COPPER cathodes.

A BRAZILIAN company specialised in manufacturing electricity cables is planning to establish relations with the Zambian mining industry to start buying copper for processing.
This came to light when Lamesa Company executives, director-President Flávio Augusto do Canto and manager Waldomiro dos Santos, called on Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil, Cynthia Jangulo, at the Chancery on Wednesday.
The company executives said they are ready to establish and enhance relations with the mining industry in Zambia.
Mr Augusto said Lamesa is among a consortium of companies they are working with in the production of machines and copper cables.
And Ambassador Jangulo gave Lamesa Company an overview of the mining industry in the country.
She urged the company to consider investing in Zambia’s mining and manufacturing sector as it would have easy access to the raw materials.
Ms Jangulo also availed the company information about other metal manufacturing companies in Zambia.
“Broadening investments and markets for copper sales is welcome for Zambia, especially during this time when commodity prices are low, and the general volatility which accompanies copper prices,” she said.

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