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Bravo Chipolopolo but?

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend the Chipolopolo for beating Algeria at National Heroes Stadium via a 3-1 win. It was a job well done though it leaves much to be desired.

The defence marshalled on Stophila Sunzu was found wanting on several instances, save for the poor finishing by the Algerian shooters who on some instances failed to beat the empty goal post. There was a lot of exposure of the goal keeper by the central defenders who did not seem to have a form of communication and could not heed the goalkeeper’s/captain’s instructions.

The technical bench should no longer consider playing names but playing the game by not taking unnecessary risks.
We need to do something about the entire defence which even made the hard working Kondwani Mtonga lose breath easily because he mostly came in to assist making the midfield porous and prone to easy passage.
Ba Wada, kindly consider looking for replacements for the tired legs with fresh ones. Look at how the young stars accounted themselves well and proved themselves worth the task as compared to ….we won’t mention names.
For me, Billy Mutale, Donashano Malama and Samujompa are better options in defence.
I may not be a soccer analyst but we failed in reading the game as well. We could have avoided Fashion Sakala’s send-off.
We have a long way to go, so we need to make strategic changes. We know the big names have done us a lot of pride but where is Eric Cantona, Rigobert Song, Mark Fish? Their time came. Equally the time for the Sunzus is coming to a near end; we need to start grooming fresh legs.