Brace for biting cold – MET

THE Zambia Meteorological Department says the months of July and August are expected to experience varying temperatures

although it will mostly be very cold and at times windy.
So far, most parts of the country are experiencing a biting cold weather with Sesheke in Western Province having recorded the coldest temperature of -2 degrees early this week.
Acting director Edson Nkonde said in an interview that the country will mainly experience cool to cold temperatures during the night and mild to warm temperatures during the day.
Mr Nkonde said the predicted cold temperatures may also induce negative healthy conditions especially to the young, aged and already health compromised persons.
“The anti-cyclonic flow in the middle levels of the atmosphere will tend to clear the skies, resulting in loss of heat in the atmosphere during the night,” he said.
Mr Nkonde said the lower temperatures are mainly expected over higher grounds such as the Kafue flats and most areas over Southern, Central and Lusaka provinces, including the southern parts of the Copperbelt Province.
He said the main cause of the fall in temperatures during the day will be the cool and moist south-easterly airflow.
Mr Nkonde urged members of the public to consider using wind breaking and warming strategies around gardens to reduce the possibility of frost.
He said due to the expected reduction in temperatures, the demand for domestic power usage will be on the increase.
Mr Nkonde said the Zambia Meteorological Department will continue updating the nation on the changes in weather patterns to ensure that people adequately prepare themselves.

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