BoZ K10 billion stimulus facility steers hope

THE coronavirus has not just left many families unstable but has consequently rendered governments across the world vulnerable and turned businesses upside down.
Hundreds of workers in both formal and informal sectors have been shown the exit, many companies have wound down, revenues to governments have rapidly shrunk, while huge amounts of resources have been channelled to finance stimulus packages just to keep some businesses afloat and allow the wheels of the economies to keep turning.
The destructive trail that COVID-19 is leaving behind in commerce and trade is so visible that the future economic prospects of the country are gleam, especially that the virus seems geared to continue dragging down economies and claiming lives.
This uncertainty saw President Edgar Lungu deliver a passionate address when he launched the three-year Economic Recovery Programme (ERP) that outlines measures that Government intends to implement at the height of daunting economic challenges compounded by the advent of coronavirus.
Indeed the pandemic has turned the economic sectors upside down.
Zambia, just like many countries globally, has been caught in the COVID-19 web that has shaken the foundation of national growth, thereby casting the economy wide open and needing urgent measures to redraw the development agenda.
“Our policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic has included monetary and CLICK TO READ MORE

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