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Boyfriend’s number saved as ‘amalasha’

IN a scheme to hide her boyfriend’s identity in her mobile phone, a married woman allegedly saved his number under a term ‘amalasha’, which in Bemba language means charcoal.
The code name assigned by Faith Musenge, 30, was decoded by her husband, Kelly Chisunka, 36, after their marital dispute culminated into a divorce in the Kabushi Local Court.
Their quarrel over the paternity of their firstborn child opened a pandora’s box after Chisunka accused his wife of accepting support for the child from him and another man.
Chisunka, who was sued for divorce by Musenge, told the court that he married her in 2013 after impregnating her and later paid K100 as dowry.
“When she got pregnant, she told me that I was responsible but little did I know that she also told another man she was dating that he was also responsible. He also accepted responsibility. I came to know about this when we moved in together and the man started coming to our house saying he is the father,” he said. CLICK 

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