Boy, 5, has hole in heart

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy of Soloboni Township in Kafue has a life-threatening hole in his heart since he was born.
The heart problem started two weeks after his birth and has caused untold misery to the already vulnerable parents living in the shanty township.
Mr and Mrs Kanguya say their son has lived a life of gloom because of the ailment.
Mr Kanguya, who works as a security guard at one of the local companies in Kafue, said his family has been faced with financial challenges to enable them access treatment for their son.
According to his parents, Trinity Kanguya has difficulties to breathe, especially when he attempts to walk for some time.
Mr Kanguya said the boy has problems when it comes to sitting and even standing
because of the hole in the heart.
“My salary as a security guard, which is K600, is not enough for me to fend for my family and pay for medical bills,” Mr Kanguya said.
His wife, Patricia Kanguya, said her son sometimes forgets to get back home after moving about in the township because of memory loss.
“Apart from the hole in the heart, my son also has down syndrome. He also has difficulties in speech and has no balance when walking,” she said. CLICK 

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