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‘I bought a phone with a defective battery’

ON SATURDAY July 11, 2015, I bought a Jan mobile phone from a shop on Cairo Road in Lusaka. It has features of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Palmchat, Operamini and Internet with a six months warranty. I charged it until it was full and made a call for five minutes and the battery waslow n power. As I tried to activate some applications, within an hour the battery was empty.
I tried to charge and observe it for two days but the situation was the same. On July 14, I took back the phone and explained everything but they proposed to give me a Nokia battery, which they did not have, and promised that they would replace the defective one. I claimed for a refund, only to be told they could not pay me back because they had already deposited the money and indicated that it was not their problem, but the manufacturer’s fault as they also just order.
What should I do, or should I just lose my money like that because we do not know our rights. Maybe, I should just go back and cause a fracas in their shop tomorrow? What step should I take? I have the receipt…- CC
Hello CC,
Hope this response will find you fine. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for finding time to lodge your complaint with us. If the facts are as you have presented, we can easily tell that this is a valid case which the Competition and Consumer Protection (CCPC) can be happy to investigate further.
As a consumer of such a product, you have the right to enjoy value for your money. We have always advised traders to ensure that they redress the consumer before the situation is escalated to us, and we have to commend you for first going back to the trader before you could bring this issue to our attention.
Such kind of behaviour constitutes unfair trading, and it is a punishable offence under the Competition and Consumer Protection Act.
We are happy that you have also given us your contact numbers for easy communication going forward.
Please feel free to contact us on the contacts below for any information or update.
We will get back to you so that you help us with the direction of where exactly we can find this shop. We will use the reciept to prove that you bought the phone from such a shop.

Please e-mail us on:, Visit our Facebook –CCPC-Zambia or Follow us on Twitter @ CompComZambia. We are at 4th Floor Main Post Office Building, P.O. Box 34919, Lusaka. Telephone: 222775/222787, toll-free line: 5678 across all mobile phone networks.