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Bombshell explodes on the rap scene


Untold Profiles with FELIX NYAMBE
SHE is one of the biggest things to have happened to the rap music industry lately.
She calls herself the Bombshell Grenade.
Bwalya Sophia Chibesakunda, 28, has brought some freshness to the industry, and the industry has taken note of her.
Her songs are simply masterpieces and chartbusters; that is where they belong.
There is a song titled Kondo, featuring Malawi’s Caesar which was produced by Mr Kamera, and another one called Pa Bondi, produced by award-winning artiste Jay Rox. The song features T-Sean and Dimpo.
You have to listen to these songs.
But those are not the only songs; there is also The Burg which features Jay Rox himself. The song was produced by award-winning DJ Mizenga Man.
The video of The Burg was launched on DStv’s Zambezi Magic all-stars youth party in Lusaka last March.
Bombshell’s inspiration includes Da Brat, DMX, Daddy Zemus, Jay Rox, Foxy Brown and K.R.Y.T.I.C.
“The song Dawn by DJ Showster Cypher in which she features is simply sizzling, it also features Bobby East, K.R.Y.T.I.C., Camster, Drifta Trek, F Jay, Stevo and Jemax,” says DJ Master Mixer.
A devoted Christian, apart from being a rapper, Bombshell is also a model, actress and entrepreneur.
There is something fascinating about Bombshell, starting with her birth in Mazabuka, to her school days at Ibex International and later at Cape Town Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in South Africa where she studied retail business management.
“I am the first born in a family of four girls and I started my music at the age of 16,” she told Kwacha Magazine. “I gained my recognition maybe because of my big hair-do and personality.”
“The name [Bombshell Grenade] stems from my big hairstyle I used to wear and my attitude to always leave a mark, to perfect whatever I did and to be explosive,” she says.
Kwacha Magazine editor Terence Miselo describes Bombshell as simply one diva who “loves to be volatile and wants to be different in all she does”.
“She believes she is both a tomboy and a woman and that presentation is everything and so she will do whatever it takes to make her music big and different,” he says.
When not making music, Bombshell is busy running her businesses. But you can also find her face on billboards. She also wants to venture into designing.
Bombshell encourages entertainers to get an education to go alongside their music careers.
Bombshell also advocates against teenage pregnancies and abortions
“I just believe that God has entrusted you with a baby. It is a gift and it should be adored no matter the circumstances one is in,” she says about abortion.
Bombshell is passionate about the youths and the person next door.
“Always wish people well even when you let them go. Letting them go never meant loving less. It just means you have chosen to love them from far,” she says.
And in several of her press interviews, Bombshell has always insisted the need to be there for one another, especially in the development of the arts.
“Please let’s help each other, let’s unite and promote one another,” she says.
“…I would like to see female artistes supporting each other and following the Zambian motto of ‘One Zambia, One Nation’, it is only humane and a good act to show love and support for one another.”
She could not have said it any better!
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