‘Bombay drainage to guarantee business in rainy season’

THE US$52 million Bombay drainage project in Lusaka will bolster Zambia’s economy as the central business district (CBD) will no longer be flooding when completed next year, Millennium Challenge Account Zambia (MCAZ) director for communications and

outreach John Kunda has said.
Dr Kunda said flooding in the CBD has in the past affected the country’s economy because most businesses close, but the situation will change when the 29.6 kilometre drainage is completed by February next year.
Dr Kunda was speaking in an interview recently.
“Works on the Bombay drainage are progressing well. We have divided it into two lots namely the 27 kilometres costing US$35 million, and 2.6 kilometre Mazyopa drain that has gobbled US$17 million,” Dr Kunda said.
Two contractors, namely Gabriel Cotu of Portugal and CMC-di-Ravenna of Italy, have been engaged to execute the project, whose funding is from the American government, through the Millennium Challenge Corporation.
The Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage Project, better known as Bombay project, has a timeline of 30 months.
“Poor water supply and sanitation is a constraint to inclusive economic growth. When people do not have access to clean water, and good sanitation, they are likely to suffer a myriad of complications that affect their health and economic potential,” Dr Kunda said.
He said at the end of the project, trunk sewer lines will be upgraded, and sewerage treatment and disposal works rehabilitated.
The Iolanda water treatment plant will also be worked on, with several boreholes drilled and equipped.
Dr Kunda further said there will be reduction of non-revenue water from 48 percent to 25 percent.


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