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Bold colours for men

ON Fashion Cafe our goal is to develop a man whose style stands out for all the right reasons. And this includes building the confidence to wear bold colours like royalty. Yes, men, too, can be draped in bright colours and not lose an ounce of masculinity. Men’s fashion has matured into its ultimate prime and certain trends are no longer only feminine. Bold colours have been extremely popular in men’s fashion for a while now, with a variety of retailers and designers implementing a plethora of vibrant hues and bold tones into their collections.
Introducing colour into your look is not about diving in head-first and wearing a pair of trousers in the most ridiculous shade you can find. When a man starts pushing his boundaries with colour, it must be done in a considered and structured way. It should be given just as much, if not more, thought than anything else he intends to wear, and it is not a decision that should be taken lightly.
The secret to wearing bold colours and pulling them off well is to pay more attention to what you are wearing around the bolder colour, rather than aiming to make the bold colour a stand-out feature. If you try to pay more attention to what you’re wearing with the bold colour, in order to anchor or neutralise it, then it will help you implement bolder and brighter colours into your outfits a whole lot easier.
We should not be afraid of bold colours. After all we are in the perfect season for that. When worn correctly bright colours can really enhance a look; based on two conditions however. Either you have a good eye for colour and can balance bold colours in your outfit, or you take a simpler approach by looking to neutralise bold colours with more common colours.
Firstly, choose your pieces carefully. Some garments will look fantastic in bold colours, others will not. Certain items work well as statement pieces, whilst others work much better as an accent (this will also equate as to how easy they are to wear).
What does and doesn’t work is not clear-cut, but in general: accessories, knitwear, trousers, casual shirts and certain types of outerwear such as lightweight parkas, fisherman jackets and unstructured blazers work extremely well in bolder colours. Yet structured shirts, formal blazers and winter coats are far more challenging to pull off.
As for colour matching and integrating bolder tones into your wardrobe, there are a few guidelines to bear in mind:
Dark neutrals like black, navy and charcoal grey can help absorb some of the power of bolder hues. With this in mind, make a single-coloured statement piece the focal point of your outfit and frame it with these neutrals. Alternatively, use them to partly cover the statement piece. This will help neutralise its effect, turning it into more of an accent.
Lighter neutrals such as light grey, blue and oatmeal will complement, rather than restrain, your brighter tones. The softer contrast also helps avoid any serious conflict between colours, ensuring the outfit blends together seamlessly. In this instance, the outfit as a whole takes centre-stage, instead of you creating a single bold focal point by setting a striking hue against a solid dark backdrop.
In the following editions, we will break down how to integrate different colours into different looks. It’s spring. Let’s have fun with colours.

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