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Bold colours in winter but…

Winter is already here as temperatures are getting lower by the day. Every season that comes has appropriate colours that go with it.
In summer, for instance, brightness is the order of the season. Bright colours come out perfect and affect your mood positively on a sunny day.

While summer is known for bold colours, colours at their full hue, winter colours are darked with black, or toned colours, colours muted with black and white.

These are, however, general rules, but the point is you must ensure not to look too bright in winter or gloomy in summer.
You can wear bold colours in winter but do not overdo it.
According to the style makeover, winter colours are cool, clear and dark to light-intensity.
However, while some people insist on dull colours being the best for winter, others feel the cold season should be spiced up with bright colours.
Blogger Kawaii Kanae has the following views:
I don’t understand how people’s dress codes work for each season, I am guilty of this before now.
 Spring brings warm pastels and prints, continuing lighter versions of winter clothing such as light knits, tights and jackets to keep you warm whilst embracing the new season.
Summer brings bold patterns and bright colours to match the bright contrasting colours the season brings from flowers, sky, sun and green grass.
Autumn brings golds, reds, oranges, browns, yellows and jewel colours to match the strong warmth of this beautiful season whilst, like spring, changing into lighter versions of winter clothing to prepare you for the cooler days; winter is… black, apparently.
Why is it that when the winter month comes around, all people tend to wear is monotone?
Blacks and greys used to make a heavy appearance in my wardrobe before I transformed back into a girly girl, and now I try to keep it to an absolute minimum (mostly as clubbing clothes because of the edgy look black and grey can give).
I am so glad that now, I have plenty of coloured clothing (mostly pastels and lights) to go out in because they make me feel so much happier and give me the pleasant satisfaction that I am standing out from everyone else.
Come into winter, everyone will be too cold to dress up and will revert back to being covered head to toe in dull clothing, mostly black, but why?
Winter might have a lot of dull days with grey skies, rain and shorter evenings that get dark quickly, but why reflect the negative aspects of winter?
Wearing colourful clothing looks and feels happier; you will feel much better for wearing it instead of blending in with everyone else looking so sad and miserable that they are cold.
So, please, stop wearing black!!
Have a blessed weekend.

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