Bob Nkosha adds colour to new council lodge

BOB Nkosha performing at Kapiri Mposhi Council Executive Lodge.

COMEDY has a certain way of adding colour to different events to put people in attendance at ease.
To break the ice, such a task needs a crafty artist who will from beginning to end leave the audience with something to make them laugh about.
Award-winning stand-up comedian, Bob Nkosha, is one such artist who by mere opening of his month is enough to send people into laughter.
Nkosha, who also performs as Dorika Ndaifulila was in Kapiri Mposhi last Saturday where he combined the job of being a director of programmes and the main entertainer during the opening of council executive lodge.
Once the event started at the new executive lodge, Nkosha made it clear that he was not there as Dorika Ndaifulila but as Bob and whoever would talk of her (Dorika) was going to be in trouble.
His audience included Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale and Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga, Kapiri Mposhi Central constituency lawmaker Stanley Kakubo and Kapiri Mposhi council chairman Obby Kabasa.
Nkosha joked that he had fond memories of Kapiri Mposhi because he stayed there in the past and he smoked weed.
“I know someone here, he used to smoke dagga with my brother. I can’t say who it is but he knows himself,” he joked as he looked at the high table.
He added that parents of yesteryear were hard-hearted compared to parents of nowadays.
He sent the gathering laughing when he said some fathers of yesteryear were dictators such that their children ended up giving them nicknames to suit their character.
“Those days we had very hard-hearted parents (fathers) we even called them dictators,” Nkosha joked.
He added: “We were born in bulk to one mother. We didn’t realise that they had us in bulk because they used to drink beer in bulk.”
Nkosha really made the event exciting as he punctuated his role of director of programmes by telling rib-cracking jokes.

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