Bob leaves ZAF in a mess


THE Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Mess in Livingstone was a place to be for comedy lovers last Sunday when award-winning stand-up comedian Bob Nkosha took to the stage to churn out rib-cracking jokes.

The show was well attended despite having being postponed from Friday to Sunday which in in certain instances would have discouraged the people from showing up at the show.
But owing to Bob’s fame in the comedy circles in the country, a good number of seats in the house were taken by a cosmopolitan audience.
The show, which was organised by the 53rd Independence Day preparation committee as a fundraising show for the forthcoming Independence Day commemorations, at least managed to raise something for the event as evidenced from the good attendance.
The stand-up comedian dwelled on tales depicting differences between childhood in the past and the present in his usual hilarious manner.
There was no Dorika though, his alter ego.
He also comically explained some of his funny encounters in the community and also his childhood and family lifestyle.
Those that were not so strong, tears of joy kept pouring.
Perhaps what was most amusing during his endless narrative of hysterical stories was when he talked about how civil servants queue up at ZANACO banks when it is month end. This time, he sent almost everyone in the theatre hall on the edge of their, seats as they roared with laughter because some were just from doing that.
It is not a new joke for those that watched him last month at Mulungushi International Conference Centre where Nigerian comedian Ukwa was in attendance.
He also joked about the differences between the children of today and those of yesteryears; how, children of yesteryears used to believe everything told to them and whereas those of today will first have to Google it before they could believe it.

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