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Blogger captures Lusaka’s social scene

HUAWEI has set its latest smartphone, the Y6 Pro on a photographic journey across the capital city to capture the energy of young residents in Lusaka.
Local blogger Kamota Mayondi will capture young Zambians with photos and videos that highlight the aspirations, goals and community of young people in the capital city.
Kamota says that getting to explore the capital city through the perspective of the Y6 Pro was a way of experiencing what the smartphone has to offer but also showcase the aspirations of young people and their stories.
“Most smartphone users are creating communities where they share their career, enterprise and life goals and I’d like to capture this energy through the Y6 Pro and share their aspirations on social media and through my blog,” says Kamota.
“Smartphones have allowed us to connect better through photos and videos on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Young people are looking for a smartphone that allows them to be creative and share their experiences. The Y6 Pro is a youth-focused product that fits both young people’s smartphone needs and budget.”
Kamota will capture Lusaka’s youth culture via social media, allowing her followers on social media to also experience the Y6 Pro’s smartphone features which include a portable charger that allows it to charge other phones.
The public can follow Kamota’s updates with the Y6 Pro through her Instagram, and Twitter accounts. They can also interact with her to find out more about her experience with the Y6 Pro and perspectives the aspirations of young people in Lusaka.
Huawei country device manager Li Mao says the Y6 Pro is a device that offers consumers modern smartphone features at an affordable price. He says students in colleges and universities will find the phone’s features ideal for sharing on social media, photography and video.
“The youth market is a growing consumer base for Huawei and the Y6 Pro delivers all the features expected in a modern smartphone but at an affordable price. By having Kamota capture youth culture in Lusaka, we’re demonstrating that the Y6 Pro is more than a phone but a device that can be used to share experiences, inspire each other and stay connected,” he says.
The Y6 Pro boasts a super powerful battery that is extremely quick to charge. In just 10 minutes of charging from zero percent battery, it charges to full capacity to deliver up to 3 hours of call time.
“What I like about the phone is that it also functions as a portable charger. When you’re out with friends and their phones are low on battery power, the Y6 Pro can charge other phones,” adds Kamota.
The Huawei Y6Pro is not only a technologically advanced smartphone, it also looks stunning. At just 8.5mm thin, the phone allows single hand control, incredibly important for people who live their lives on the go. Its mid-frame has a metallic coating technique giving the device a superior finish and the addition of anti-false touch design means users won’t unintentionally activate their phone or call people by accident.

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