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FILE: ZAMBIA Tourism Agency chief executive officer Felix Chaila and Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga at the viewing of the bat migration in Kasanka National Park. Picture right, bats in flight.

Blast of nocturnal pleasure

AT EXACTLY 18:13 hours on a Wednesday evening last week, a phenomenal unique to Zambia was experienced by a group of people perched atop a tower set on the peripherals of the bat forest in the Kasanka National Park.
Here, the group first spent an exhilarating half hour basking in the beauty of the African sunset, making conversation as they watched first a single bat, and then two, appear in the sky as the sun begun its descent into lands unknown.
The birds fluttered back and forth for a while, seemingly waiting out the last battle between day and night. And then, when the sun finally made its last bow in shimmering splendour, it was clear they had been rooting for darkness all along.
Because as the sun’s rays grew weaker, millions of bats appeared from the thick canopy of trees making up the forest, seemingly celebrating the momentary triumph as the rays sunk deeper into the abyss.