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UNIP president Trevor Mwamba paying a courtesy call on Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda (late) in Lusaka.

Bishop Mwamba hits back

LIKE anyone else who has occupied the presidency of UNIP outside the Kaunda dynasty, Bishop Trevor Mwamba is finding the seat hot, but the man who succeeded the first President’s son Tilyenji last year is ready to fight on. Bishop Mwamba suspended party secretary general Lazarous Mwiche on Saturday only to be met with an announcement of his own suspension as president from his deputy Mike Kaira whose association with UNIP goes way back to the 90s when it was still fighting for its soul and life following a boycott of the 1996 general election. Mr Kaira announced the suspension of Bishop Mwamba for allegedly failing to run the affairs of the party, which led Zambia to independence in 1964 and ruled until 1991 when it suffered a crushing defeat to Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD). But Bishop Mwamba, who described his suspension as null and void, believes the latest fight in UNIP is being driven by elements who want to CLICK TO READ MORE