Letter to the Editor

BILL 10 has some silver lining

Dear editor,
WHEN you have a bag of oranges or groundnuts and you notice that some are rotten, it’s erroneous to condemn the whole bag as rotten. The best you can do is to sort out the good from the bad. Then make use of the good ones.
Now that Bill 10 is back on the Order Paper, it’s high time we moved on. What the honourable Members of Parliament (MPs) require to do is to go article by article and retain all those that are for the good of our peaceful nation bearing in mind that Zambians have spoken before through various commissions. And the lacunas in the current Constitution need to be addressed before 2021.
What we demand from our MPs is level-headedness and patriotism. Bill 10 has some silver linings and that is what should be looked for. There’s no perfect constitution anywhere in the world.

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