Letter to the Editor

Bill 10 debates mishandled

Dear editor,
IN MY opinion, the Bill 10 debate that was organised by Chapter One Foundation and the debate, organised by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) were both mishandled.
In the Chapter One debate, the audience was very hostile against the proponents of Bill 10.
The moderator and security team did very little to control the audience.
Tutwa Ngulube and Sebastian Kopulande struggled to get their points across. That was unhealthy.
Bill 10 is a very important national issue. The organisers of these debates have a responsibility to ensure that all discussants get an equal or fair opportunity to be heard.
We, the citizens deserve an opportunity to hear both sides of the argument.
LAZ should have learnt from the mistakes made in the ‘Chapter One’ debate and put necessary measures to create a healthy atmosphere for a constructive and progressive debate.
The aim of a debate or discussion should not be victory but progress.

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