Bikiloni wants it clean too


BIKILONI last Saturday used his comedy in Kabwe to urge residents to change their attitude and prioritise a clean, healthy and green environment.In just two minutes, Bikiloni unleashed rib-cracking jokes at Kawama Market which were however laced with the need to keep it clean and green.
Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga and other government officials were present.
“Let’s continue cleaning our homes and Kabwe. The most important thing is cleanliness. Let us work with the council, councillors and the MPs,” he said after sending the gathering into unexpected laughter.
Later in an interview, there was no joking as Bikiloni emphasised the need to keep environments clean and green.
He said Zambians need to change their attitudes in view of the re-launched Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy campaign in April by President Edgar Lungu.
“My message to all citizens of Zambia is that the campaign is not only for the President because it was launched by him,” Bikiloni, whose real name is Levison Ngoma, said.
“It’s (the campaign) for all of us as citizens. So I would like to encourage each one of us to participate, especially that some months ago we had cholera in Zambia.”
Bikiloni, who is also a member of the Champions for Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy Campaign, said although there is a designated day every month to do the cleaning, cleanliness must be a way of life.
“Let’s see that we clean our surroundings and it should not only be on Saturdays but every day,” he said. “Our colleagues in western countries say ‘charity begins at home’, meaning that we should start from where we are coming from before we go to our workplaces and whereever we are found.”
Bikiloni urged celebrities to also be involved in the campaign because they command a lot of influence.
“If someone sees me cleaning or picking up litter, they will be motivated. So, whatever we do as role models affects people and we should make sure we do something that is positive,” he said.
And television personality and actor Nabwalya Vlahakis, who is also a member of the Champions for Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy campaign, said the campaign is well intended.

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